Takahiro Sato Designer Profile
Takahiro Sato is the award-winning designer of the Next Kimono Platform.
Takahiro Sato

After losing his first company because he collapsed from overwork, he lives separate from his son who has autism and intellectual disability. To create a place where he work with his son, he started KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO. He called himself rookie designer first time at 43 years old. As a designer, his first product is Samurai Mode Series and first fashion brand for him. His brand is also social design considered especially working environment. Because he doesn’t want his son to wear the fashion at the expense of others and also never wanted to archive the employment of people with disabilities by other’s expense. So he designs his brand to make all people who make, buy and design are happy. He challenges to realize the employment of people with disabilities, sustainable and ethical working environment by his social design.

Takahiro Sato
Next Kimono Platform