Tom Chan & Melanie Man Designer Profile
Tom Chan & Melanie Man is the award-winning designer of the Hazuto Cutting and Serving Board.
Tom Chan & Melanie Man

Husband-wife partners-in-crime Melanie Man and Tom Chan sat up Hazuto to bring our best design ideas to life. We chase these values: grounded, unassuming, meticulous. We lived in the UK for sometime before settling in Hong Kong and creating Hazuto – you may have noticed the English influence on our work. Tom adds value through his experience in product development that is patented and awarded. Mel brings value with a decade of business and marketing experience. One thing’s for sure: we won’t launch something we wouldn’t use ourselves, so you can bet our work has been through countless iterations, which has driven our suppliers (and each other) crazy from time to time! We are pleased Hazuto board has been awarded twice with a Plus X Design Prize (Germany) for High Quality + Design and a A’ Design Prize (Italy) Bronze winner.

Tom Chan & Melanie Man
Hazuto Cutting and Serving Board