Mónica Pinto de Almeida Designer Profile
Mónica Pinto de Almeida is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Mónica Pinto de Almeida

Mónica Pinto who was born in the north of Spain and spent most of her childhood between Spain and the north of Portugal now has her own studio in Sintra, Portugal. Mónica is driven by her passion where her memories are an integral part of her imagery and are nouns such as memory, history, poetry and shapes that build her own personal and daily universe. All the lighting pieces and objects created by Mónica follow a narrative of emotions and stories creating a uniqueness and timeless design where her artistic education mixed with her sensorial universe is translated into designs of conceptual and architectural language, poetic and innovative at the same time.

Mónica Pinto de Almeida
U Table Lamp
Lorca Lighting
Cubes Lighting
Mondrian Lighting