Mónica Pinto de Almeida Mondrian Lighting
Mondrian Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Mondrian Lighting

The suspension lamp Mondrian reaches emotions through colors, volumes, and shapes. The name leads to its inspiration, the painter Mondrian. It's a suspension lamp with a rectangular shape in a horizontal axis built up by several layers of colored acrylic. The lamp has four different views taking advantage of the interaction and harmony created by the six colors used for this composition, where the shape gets interrupted by a white line and a yellow layer. Mondrian emits light both upwards and downwards creating diffused, non-invasive lighting, adjusted by a dimmable wireless remote.

Mondrian Lighting
Mónica Pinto de Almeida Mondrian
Mónica Pinto de Almeida Lighting
Mónica Pinto de Almeida design
Mónica Pinto de Almeida design
Mónica Pinto de Almeida

Mónica Pinto who was born in the north of Spain and spent most of her childhood between Spain and the north of Portugal now has her own studio in Sintra, Portugal. Mónica is driven by her passion where her memories are an integral part of her imagery and are nouns such as memory, history, poetry and shapes that build her own personal and daily universe. All the lighting pieces and objects created by Mónica follow a narrative of emotions and stories creating a uniqueness and timeless design where her artistic education mixed with her sensorial universe is translated into designs of conceptual and architectural language, poetic and innovative at the same time.

Mónica Pinto de Almeida

MOKKI is a lighting and furniture design studio proud of its own story and roots, passionate about Beauty, Design, Emotions, Evolution and deeply connected to the Atlantic influence and openminded Thinkers. The artist-Designer Mónica Pinto was born in 1977, in the North of Spain, Galicia. Having a multicultural family spent most of her childhood between Spain and Portugal. Graduated in Fine Art, Decorative Painting, Restoration, Faux-Effect and Frescoes. This was the beginning of her path in the world of Art and Design founding her own studio in 1997 in Sintra, Lisbon. Driven by her own vision and passion, in 2016 she launches her own brand MOKKI Design, where her memories are an integral part of her imagery. The duality of her Portuguese and Spanish heritage is always present in her work. Stepping out of the mainstream of Design trends to focus on the cohesion of humanity and technology within Design, where by her own words “Each line is the beginning of a story”. Our philosophy is to transmit at all times Art and Emotions. Mónica together with her partner and mother, Nazaré believe that Art is the purest form of human experience, in which questions, doubts and restlessness of the soul and mind become matter. Each Mokki collection is designed, and sustainably manufactured in Portugal. Bespoke projects are designed in our studio in Sintra, Lisbon with high standards of quality, seeking to create exquisite pieces that utilize technology and center around the human experience.