Michelle Reis Designer Profile
Michelle Reis is the award-winning designer of the Belas Residencial House.
Michelle Reis

Michelle Reis, Founder and Creative Director of MR Studio, born in Brazil and raised in Portugal, being South America and Europe her roots and her influences. She originally graduated in Communication & Graphic Design first and worked in this area for more than 8 years. Her passion for architecture and interior design never faltered, led her to go back to school to study Interior Design and change her life. From pure interior architecture to a timeless design, her aesthetic can be described as contemporary, timeless, elegant and modern. As interior designer she believes the designers has a tremendous impact on the sustainability of an environment and our society. Quality is a key word on her projects where the perfect combination of natural materials with statement furniture pieces results in durable and timeless spaces. She is always searching for an innovative constructive process, products, materials that can improve the quality of her projects and the enhance the beauty of the spaces.

Michelle Reis
Belas  Residencial House