Najeeb Omar Designer Profile
Najeeb Omar is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Najeeb Omar

A graphic designer by profession, an artist by passion, and a truly creative thinker. Najeeb started his career path by being self-taught and his dedication and urge for learning drove him forward into taking all routes to expand his knowledge and proficiencies. Najeeb loves to pass on his experience and knowledge to others and as it helps him to expand his perspectives and grow on professional and personal aspects. This has been translated into his workplace where he leads the training aspects of newcomers who are keen to learn and excel. Najeeb meticulously follows a profound thought process before diving into a new piece of art. He gathers the extensive amount of information, brainstorms and investigates different directions, then he builds a genuine base and foundation for his artistic journey. His work brings a complex set of emotions while delivering a message and serving a purpose. To him, design is everything and art is and an extension of his personality. A through and deep look at the randomness of the universe, one can discover true beauty in its immense details.

Najeeb Omar
Symphony Of Janan Expressive Illustration
Anubis The Judge Illustration