Najeeb Omar Anubis The Judge Illustration
Anubis The Judge Illustration is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Anubis The Judge Illustration

'Anubis The Judge'; through an analysis of the design, it is obvious the designer focused on the primary features of Anubis as an iconic symbol of an ancient and prominent era. He added a title 'The Judge' possibly to portray more of the power or strength the character in his design holds. Clearly, the designer added depth and detailed attention to the geometrical symbols he used across the design. He included a shocker wrapped around the character’s neck, which was also heavy on texture.

Anubis The Judge Illustration
Najeeb Omar Anubis The Judge
Najeeb Omar Illustration
Najeeb Omar design
Najeeb Omar design
Najeeb Omar

A graphic designer by profession, an artist by passion, and a truly creative thinker. Najeeb started his career path by being self-taught and his dedication and urge for learning drove him forward into taking all routes to expand his knowledge and proficiencies. Najeeb loves to pass on his experience and knowledge to others and as it helps him to expand his perspectives and grow on professional and personal aspects. This has been translated into his workplace where he leads the training aspects of newcomers who are keen to learn and excel. Najeeb meticulously follows a profound thought process before diving into a new piece of art. He gathers the extensive amount of information, brainstorms and investigates different directions, then he builds a genuine base and foundation for his artistic journey. His work brings a complex set of emotions while delivering a message and serving a purpose. To him, design is everything and art is and an extension of his personality. A through and deep look at the randomness of the universe, one can discover true beauty in its immense details.

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Najeeb is an artist, Specialized in Branding, Illustrations, Broadcast Designs. He worked for several TV Channels since 1996, such as Dubai TV, CNBC & MBC Group. He is a person who cares very much about the accuracy of the details, because for him it is the foundation in every successful design. and that gave him a different look, away from repetition and superficiality. He accomplished lots of designs across the range of Print, Television, TV Commercials, and the Digital Space. Photography took a big part of his life and shaped a new perspective to his vision, and gave him the opportunity to be the official MBC Star Presenters photographer. In addition, Najeeb's passion for art led him to pursue classical drawing and painting methods to visualize his emotions, ideas, and concepts and excel in techniques such as Impression & Abstract paintings styles. At the end, Najeeb is driven by a passion for art, and the pursuit of perfection. To him, Design is everything, its the way of his life, and perfection defines every brush or Wacom stroke he performs.