Hasong Lee Designer Profile
Hasong Lee is the award-winning designer of the For Georges Rousse Trophy.
Hasong Lee

Hasong Lee was first majored in industrial design. She was always uncomfortable and frustrated to have to express her material only with pictures and computers while she was studying to become a product designer. She wanted to make it by looking at it with her eyes and touching it with her hands. So she began to learn jewelry design that she could make and design herself, and the field was very well suited to her aptitude with a meticulous and meticulous personality. Wanted to study metal deeply from Jewelry, she went on to graduate school and was able to handle many techniques and materials while diversifying metal craft. While working, she became interested in combining her work with illusions. From then on, She began to produce various types of objets, starting with the accessories associated with her. Her colleagues said she's so absorbed in one thing that she can't get out of it, and makes countless modeling before producing one piece. She says it's very interesting to find the golden ratio before her work comes out.

Hasong Lee
For Georges Rousse Trophy