Hasong Lee For Georges Rousse Trophy
For Georges Rousse Trophy is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Awards, Prize and Competitions Design Award Category.
For Georges Rousse Trophy

The keywords of designer Hasong Lee's work are Symbolism, Formativeness, Sense Of Space, Architecture, and Visuality. She recently thought that the trophy was the best fit for all of this. Trophy enables as many people as possible to celebrate competition or figure or date and symbolize. Through this, she intends to escape the fixed limitations of the existing trophies, and to design the trophies as her formative objects with more diverse stories and new memorials and symbolism. LEE actively used Optical illusion, Anamorphosis, and Metalworking techniques in this project.

For Georges Rousse Trophy
Hasong Lee For Georges Rousse
Hasong Lee Trophy
Hasong Lee design
Hasong Lee design
Hasong Lee

Hasong Lee was first majored in industrial design. She was always uncomfortable and frustrated to have to express her material only with pictures and computers while she was studying to become a product designer. She wanted to make it by looking at it with her eyes and touching it with her hands. So she began to learn jewelry design that she could make and design herself, and the field was very well suited to her aptitude with a meticulous and meticulous personality. Wanted to study metal deeply from Jewelry, she went on to graduate school and was able to handle many techniques and materials while diversifying metal craft. While working, she became interested in combining her work with illusions. From then on, She began to produce various types of objets, starting with the accessories associated with her. Her colleagues said she's so absorbed in one thing that she can't get out of it, and makes countless modeling before producing one piece. She says it's very interesting to find the golden ratio before her work comes out.

Hasong Lee

This is a trophy for 'Georges Rousse'. Rousse presented designer Hasong Lee the detailed direction of the formative work with memoriality and symbolism, and inspired a lot of Anamorphosis and Optical illusion effects. The trophy was created by investigating the work of the French photographer Rousse who inspired her, related episodes, and appropriately imaging the contents. On the basis of this, Lee was produced in a concise, compressed, and tense form while considering the structural form and sense of space, which is an architectural space, and proper size and proportion as a trophy. And just as Rousse draws shapes such as ○, △, and □ that fit into the space to express meaning, Lee inlaid another metal on the surface of the trophy so that a hole with a hole can be seen at one point. When you look at an angle you specify, you can spot something strange by moving your gaze along a square frame. It would seem impossible for the protruding corners and the indented corners to continue naturally. In addition, Lee was projected on the surface of the metal to match the angle to convey the 'Essence' of the sense of ○ Rousse importance to the implicit message. To commemorate him, Lee engraved on the back the image of his face as a dot with the message “If you build a dream, a dream will make you” to Rousse. Looking at the formatively, this work uses cupro-nickel and silver to commemorate Rousse, the master of Anamorphosis, and heat-colored to express black and white contrast clearly.