Alexandre Beauregard Designer Profile
Alexandre Beauregard is the award-winning designer of the Dahlia C1 Mechanical Watch.
Alexandre Beauregard

Born in Montreal, Alexander showed a marked talent for design even as a child. Equally, he became fascinated by timepieces at an early age and, while studying graphic design and fashion design, worked on the creation of unusual and original pieces. Possessing a rare blend of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and tremendous focus, after completing his studies he founded two businesses in completely unrelated fields, which continue to flourish to this day. The success of those ventures enabled him to channel his energies back to his first love – timepieces and design – and in 2011, at the age of 35, he founded Beauregard SA and threw himself into his grand horological adventure. Since founding the company Alexander has immersed himself in learning all that he could about watches and jewellery, meeting the leading practitioners in many specialised fields – some of whom were to become friends and collaborators. Thus, today, in the spirit of both architect and choreographer at the head of a team of passionate, slightly crazy and hugely talented people, he leads Beauregard as it prepares to unveil its first timepieces. Passionate, dedicated and totally hands-on, Alexander is at the heart of all aspects of the business, from the sourcing of the stones to their cutting and polishing; from the aesthetic design of the watch to the conception of its movement.

Alexandre Beauregard
Dahlia C1 Mechanical Watch