Tatjana Medvedev Designer Profile
Tatjana Medvedev is the award-winning designer of the Reading Goethes Faust Modular Book.
Tatjana Medvedev

Tatjana Medvedev is a communication designer from Almaty, Kazakhstan – working and living in Munich. Her biggest ambition is to make the world a better place – by design, attitude and mindset. After her bachelor studies in Mediadesign, she has been working as a designer for middle-sized design agencies by helping other organizations grow. In her free time she loves to go on adventures in the Bavarian alps, taking lots of photographs, and making things with her hands. Currently working at LIKE A CAPTAIN in Munich she accompanies a wide range of clients with focus on corporate identity and design. She is also working as a freelancer in spare time by helping other ideas become visual.

Tatjana Medvedev
Reading Goethes Faust Modular Book