João Loureiro Designer Profile
João Loureiro is the award-winning designer of the 1869 Principe Real Branding.
João Loureiro

João Loureiro is an award-winning Graphic Designer from Braga, Portugal. He started really early as a freelancer and he's working since then as a Graphic Designer. In 2008 he won his first design award, for the water supplier "AGERE" (identity contest) - with more than 100 participations all over the country. His life changed at that moment. He was requested all the time by multiple companies, cultural associations and this makes him grown as the designer that he is today. In 2012 he won another identity contest for GNRATION - a cultural creative hub in Braga and his work was published in design books and magazines, taking him to the next level as a creative. In 2014 he started working for the first time in a design agency - Pi Creative Studio and in 2015 he moved to Porto when he worked as Senior Graphic Designer/Lead Designer in GIF Design Studios. Today he is moving to his hometown — Braga — and he wants to continue leaving his legacy all around the place.

João Loureiro
1869 Principe Real Branding