Duane Lye Dun Wei Designer Profile
Duane Lye Dun Wei is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Duane Lye Dun Wei

Trained in Industrial Design while having a background in both Mechanical Engineering and Business, has allowed Duane to approach problems from a multi-faceted perspective. At heart, he is essentially an innovator, problem solver, entrepreneur and designer. An award-winning designer who has an insatiable thirst for challenges, he transforms ideas to reality while pushing concepts to new frontiers by generating innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions which fundamentally centres around user experience and functionality. In SIMTech he bridges the gap between A*STAR’s patented cutting-edge technology and clients though the marketing and packaging of technologies into easily adoptable and convincing products.

Duane Lye Dun Wei
Aery UVC Air Disinfection System
LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Breast Pump
Eluminance Printed Lighting Barrier Tape