Duane Lye Dun Wei LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Breast Pump
LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Breast Pump is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Breast Pump

TailorMade Pro 2, the smallest hospital-grade double breast pump in the industry, is made silent and compact to fit into any bag a mother never leaves home without. It is designed to maximise milk yield through various suction settings and by caring for the emotional needs of the mother during pumping using soft glowing lights for calmness. A warm grey colour is chosen as it is gender neutral, catering to the supportive role of a father when handling baby essentials outdoors. All aspects of the design from aesthetics to function are based on user feedback and backed by lactation experts.

LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Breast Pump
Duane Lye Dun Wei LoveAmme TailorMade Pro
Duane Lye Dun Wei Breast Pump
Duane Lye Dun Wei design
Duane Lye Dun Wei design
Duane Lye Dun Wei

Trained in Industrial Design while having a background in both Mechanical Engineering and Business, has allowed Duane to approach problems from a multi-faceted perspective. At heart, he is essentially an innovator, problem solver, entrepreneur and designer. An award-winning designer who has an insatiable thirst for challenges, he transforms ideas to reality while pushing concepts to new frontiers by generating innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions which fundamentally centres around user experience and functionality. In SIMTech he bridges the gap between A*STAR’s patented cutting-edge technology and clients though the marketing and packaging of technologies into easily adoptable and convincing products.

Kim Hin Innovation Labs

Kim Hin Innovation Labs is under Kim Hin International Group. It is a Singapore start-up that has established 3 brands - Snapkis, Mimosa, and LoveAmme in the baby & maternity trade. We create everyday parenting solutions across a wide spectrum of product categories like, customisable breast pumps, strollers, car seats, feeding sets and more, for discerning parents globally. We believe in product innovations that centers around user experiences and saving more winks for sleep-deprived parents.