Anna Spiridonova Designer Profile
Anna Spiridonova is the award-winning designer of the Unconventional Chic Footwear.
Anna Spiridonova

Anna Spiridonova is a young footwear designer, who's positioned herself at the intersection of the outstanding and luxury design for the self-convinced girls. The main ideology of the brand is to create outstanding, eye-catching, and comfortable fashion high heels. The line consists of evening and avant-garde footwear. The designer’s passion to experiment with the details, combining leather with new materials, while always maintaining a touch of femininity. The designer believes that all designs should come from real life, be functional, wearable and solve a problem for their clients. Collection Unconventional Chic focuses on the lack of fashionable high heels, which work with a curvy figure and strong self-expression. Anna's dream is to become a professional footwear designer which is the reason she decided to nominate her work for the A'Design Award & Competition in Footwear Design.

Unconventional Chic  Footwear