Studio Sklim Designer Profile
Studio Sklim is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Studio Sklim

Studio SKLIM is an international award winning design agency crafting bespoke spatial solutions. Studio SKLIM firmly believes that design opportunities are inherent, waiting to be unleashed or given a new perspective. The organisation of “raw materials” not limited to the form of environmental data, typographical conditions, cultural peculiarities and technological limits form a new ground from which their design process initiates these extractions. The fast changing contemporary life demands a rethink and reorganisation of existing spatial parameters, therefore making conceptual clarity and contemporary investigative research instrumental to the design process of their work. Studio SKLIM's design ethos feeds on these rigors. From banality breeds creativity and each project stems from its own unique set of pragmatics and constraints. The Studio believes that the most basic of design solutions are intrinsically able to conjure the most complex relationships with the environment. The Studio embarks on design journeys with their consultants and clients, as a collective experience to explore market demands, environment sustainability, design technology and socio-cultural landscapes with the hope of creating built environments that resonate with their shared positions.

Hansha Reflection Residential House
Verdant Spine Office