Alexander Diaz Andersson Designer Profile
Alexander Diaz Andersson is the award-winning designer of the Flow Chair.
Alexander Diaz Andersson

I’m the creative lead at ATRA, a furniture company focused on creating quality-driven pieces. Over the years, we’ve ventured into processes such as stoneworking, metallurgy, foundry, CNC production, upholstery, and woodworking. This has opened the doors for collaboration with galleries and artists worldwide to grow our collection while creating new manufacturing techniques with established and upcoming talent. ATRA’s design and architecture studio shares space with our factory, which helps us develop pieces alongside craftsmen and artisans. The most important thing that i have designed to date is perhaps the Hejal ( היכל) and Midrash of the Birkat Itzjak Synagogue in Mexico City, commissioned by Cherem Arquitectos. We needed to create something aesthetically pleasing in a short time frame. Conceptually, the Hejal is a 3D representation of the Torah tying in the meanings of the Hebrew alphabet from a Kabbalistic perspective. As a designer our day-to-day mentality is problem-solving. Bringing in an idea from the ether into the matter is a constant puzzle. Our work is a problem-solving think tank that goes from prime matter into finished product while trying to push the limitations of materials. Having the production facility in Mexico City lets us collaborate with artisans from many different walks of life who carry knowledge passed down from generations. We channel this heritage into a more structured process and refine it into a quality standard that appeals to our following. I am excited about our flagship store in Mexico City, which opens in September. We’re combining our design gallery with an exciting restaurant to create a sensorial experience that tells our story in a subtle yet intuitive manner. It will also showcase new design blood in the company with collaborations that explore an array of multidisciplinary design processes. The works range from Nepalese weaving to a volcanic stone furniture collection produced in Puebla.

Alexander Diaz Andersson
Flow Chair