Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz Designer Profile
Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz is the award-winning designer of the Skall Mezcal Alcoholic Beverage.
Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz

Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1994. Is a creative graphic designer specialized in package design, She’s earlier career included roles as a freelance designer with Chinese brands, Mexican packaging clients, illustrations and ornamental lettering. Melissa Han completed her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design at Tsinghua University Academy of Art and Design in Beijing, China. After graduating She received the Excellent Graduation project and the highest thesis score of the class of 2017, She also got the SGDA Shenzhen Graphic Design Association 2018 Scholarship. In 2018 She joined to TigerPan Packaging Design Co. in Shenzhen as a packaging designer. Currently collaborating with TigerPan and some prestigious brands of China as Snow Beer, Changyu Brandy, and WangLaoJi Herbal Tea.

Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz
Skall Mezcal Alcoholic Beverage