Marianela Salinas Jaimes Designer Profile
Marianela Salinas Jaimes is the award-winning designer of the Muse Decorative plate.
Marianela Salinas Jaimes

Marianela Salinas Jaimes is an entrepreneurial designer from the city of BOGOTÁ / COLOMBIA, who has created ANELLA DESIGN. ANELLA DESIGN is a brand of textile design and surfaces, born of satisfying the desire to obtain unique design pieces used in everyday life, with a high esthetic component given by exclusive illustrations and all made with love. ANELLA DESIGN wants with its creativity, quality and exclusivity to captivate people who like to share with family or friends the sensitivity they have for art and design, with this they bet on a young and innovative company with different design criteria. Beside, the purpose of the Brand is to impact the creative minds of childhood, encouraging practices of illustration and creative exploration in their daily lives. however, this could be reached thanks to alliances with foundations that allow creative practice within their facilities. Currently, Marianela Salinas Jaimes is still looking for new ways to create different products to take to each of her followers.

Marianela Salinas Jaimes
Muse Decorative plate