Nils Hansen Designer Profile
Nils Hansen is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nils Hansen

Working in both traditional and digital media, Nils Hansen is a very versatile Sculptor. Nils originally trained as a stone sculptor and achieved his Masters in this field, earning him numerous awards and scholarships. He spent two years in Carrara, Italy, where he refined his skills in the field of marble. Based on his extensive knowledge of anatomy and mastering figural expression in difficult media like stone, he has been able to easily transfer his traditional skills to digital media. He received a scholarship to further his studies and spent three years in Berlin at the Babelsberg Film School studying Digital Film Design with an emphasis on digital modeling. It was here that he also became involved in the remodeling of figures in film, working part of his time for a large 3D software company. Nils has been commissioned for a variety of projects from the more traditional scaling, in marble and bronze to relief portraiture modeled digitally and then 3D printed. Nils is regularly invited to various worldwide Sculpture Symposiums and participates in exhibitions around the world, where he has worked in and shown pieces in diverse materials, ranging from stone and metal to wax.

Nils Hansen
Entangled Hands Art Piece
Facets 3D Print Art Piece