Mohammad Reza Khakpour Designer Profile
Mohammad Reza Khakpour is the award-winning designer of the Artemis Pencil.
Mohammad Reza Khakpour

Professionally an Architect, though a researcher and designer by nature, I am always looking to find ways to improve people's needs as well as how I can contribute in making people's lives more pleasant. My designs vary from architecture where I am working in metres, to pen making where I am working in millimetres. I have broad experience in working with wood, a material that I love for its lively nature. My Middle Eastern roots have enabled me to have direct contact and experiment with different materials such as stone, wood, paper since childhood on a primary level, while my academic studies in Architecture and my family life in the Mediterranean have given me the intellectual approach that is needed to be inspired and create on a different level.

Mohammad Reza Khakpour
Artemis Pencil