Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. Designer Profile
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. is an award-winning designer with 17 featured award-winning projects.
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, INNEST, the interior design brand, is dedicated to interior space design and accessories design, providing advanced customized services for the first-class commercial real estate, hotel, high-end clubs, office buildings and so on. INNEST have established a long-term and solid cooperation with several well-known listed real estate enterprises including Vanke, Gemdale Group, Yango Group, Jingrui Holdings. Through the deep insight of international trends, we customize solutions that exceed expectations.

Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd.
Changle Lanshan Sales Center
Vanke DaJia Brand Exhibition Hall
Shaoxing Tanyue Sales Center
Foshan Tanyue Villa Sample Room
Jingrui Majestic Mansion Club
Fenghua Mansion Villa Sample Room
Guangzhou Gemdale China Chic Sales Center
Gemdale Gelin Mansion Sales Office
Dexin Xianlin Zhigu Sales Center
Yuzhou Rongyu Sales Center
Yango Starry Bay Sales Center
Jiangmen Gemdale Mingyue Sales Center
Hangzhou West Lake Yangminggu Club
Gemdale Yangyun Sales Office
Haimen Changjiangyin  Sales Office
Yuzhou Langham Sales Center
Green Island Lake Villa 7 Sample Room