Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. Changle Lanshan Sales Center
Changle Lanshan Sales Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Changle Lanshan Sales Center

Located in the center of Changle District, Fuzhou City, the project Changle Lanshan Sales Center integrates the profound culture here as well as the oriental conception of mountains, seas and gardens with the modern architecture to honor the elegant, poetic oriental lifestyle. With both the oriental elements and the modern, the architecture creates an artistic conception in space with art and culture, blending the nature and spirit into the truth of life.

Changle Lanshan Sales Center
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. Changle Lanshan
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. Sales Center
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. design
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd. design
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, INNEST, the interior design brand, is dedicated to interior space design and accessories design, providing advanced customized services for the first-class commercial real estate, hotel, high-end clubs, office buildings and so on. INNEST have established a long-term and solid cooperation with several well-known listed real estate enterprises including Vanke, Gemdale Group, Yango Group, Jingrui Holdings. Through the deep insight of international trends, we customize solutions that exceed expectations.

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Established in 2003, with headquarter in Shanghai city, Ronshine Group has become listed since 2016. It has now served in more than 43 cities with over 177 projects around China. Ronshine Group highly integrates city resources such as office, business, culture, education, residence and transportation, which enhances the value and energy density of urban land and provides an efficient and convenient urban life for customers. As to the enterprise honors, in 2019, Ronshine Group received the title of 20 Top Chinese Property Enterprise in comprehensive strength, 100 Top Property Development Enterprise in China, Excellence Influence Property Enterprise and so on.