Kaf Design & Development Designer Profile
Kaf Design & Development is the award-winning designer of the Fatira Restaurant Branding Identity.
Kaf Design & Development

Abdulrhman Ajinah Co-Founder of Kaf Design And Development since 2016 where he worked as architect and graphic designer. Abdulrhman’s experiences vary from teaching as an assistant at the Ecole Special Architecture in Paris and worked in several design field from Urban design at Cathalas Agency to architectural design in DGT Architects to Interior design ,product design and Graphic design at Kaf Design and Development. Ar. Ajinah participate in several design competitions locally and internationally. Abdulrhman has a Masters degree from Ecole Special Of Paris, France. His master project was regarding The Place of Women in the Saudi City within the field of women representation in Urban and Architecture of Jeddah. Tariq is a civil engineer graduate from the University of Glasgow, with experience mainly in structural design and the construction filed. He managed many construction projects in Saudi Arabia, then moved to Istanbul, Turkey to co-found kaf for Design & Development. Lama Ajeenah teaches at Dar Al-Hekma University since 2011 where she worked as a consultant graphic designer, and recently joined the strategic planning committee. Lama’s experiences vary from teaching typography and Book Design, to Ethics as well as History and Theory of Visual Communication. She is currently working as a visual communication designer at Kaf design & Development. Ms. Ajeenah won several design international awards. Her most recent awards were from the A Design award. Her work has been exhibited in China, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. She has several publications; the most recent was published in Steven Heller’s book (the education of Graphic Designer). Lama has a Masters degree from London College of Communication, UK. Her master project was regarding ethics in graphic design within the field of women representation in advertising.

Fatira Restaurant Branding Identity