Nan Zhou Designer Profile
Nan Zhou is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nan Zhou

My name is Nan Zhou. The name comes from the earliest anthology of Chinese poem called the “Book of Songs”. I was born in the northernmost province of China, Heilongjiang. Have been involved in many different activities of the environmental protection organizations. I have designed the logo for the Asia-Pacific region of Green Peace. After, designed, as well as participated and took a part in organization of a number of Haloxylon trees protection activities, environmental protection activities organized by Alashan public fund`s Millet project. Participated in the WWF world natural foundation entering China's 35th anniversary activity, and designed its calendar series "in China, together". At the same time I am the Panghao Theater volunteer, and the Dongdongxiezi children's theater art consultant, China and Netherlands cultural foundation art director. At present, stay in Beijing, and also being the Chen's Taijiquan descendant.

WWF Calendar Promotion notebook
Mu Dan series Poetry drawing