Meng Fanhao Designer Profile
Meng Fanhao is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Meng Fanhao

Meng Fanhao with Line+ Studio he founded has been internationally recognised for its creative and innovative designs. Confronting the market oriented commercial design, he always practice with research, focusing on the creation of urban public space. He has been actively involved in the exploration of urban residential environment and urban renewal. With his professional working attitude, additional value that can be shared with the public are attached to his design works. In the process of counter-urbanization, he is devoted to the rural rejuvenation practice. In his works, he break away from formulaic style, responds to contemporary culture and adapt appropriate design strategy under the existing system. He is trying to seek a delicate balance between responsibility and position, demands and experience, cost and quality, modernity and localization, sociality and professionalism.

Meng Fanhao
Cloud Park Xixi Green Office Complex
Dongziguan Affordable Housing