Meng Fanhao Dongziguan Affordable Housing
Dongziguan Affordable Housing is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Dongziguan Affordable Housing

The project is a typical Chinese village in the south of the Yangtze River. The design intention is to design and construct high-quality housing for relocalized farmers with a low budget, while maintaining their original lifestyle of collective living. The project breaks away from the formulaic style, seeks to organize the form of the buildings in the vernacular style of a courtyard typology. The function fully respects the way of life of the farmers. The project brings a new opportunity to rural revival under the existing system by providing quality affordable housing.

Dongziguan Affordable Housing
Meng Fanhao Dongziguan
Meng Fanhao Affordable Housing
Meng Fanhao design
Meng Fanhao design
Meng Fanhao

Meng Fanhao with Line+ Studio he founded has been internationally recognised for its creative and innovative designs. Confronting the market oriented commercial design, he always practice with research, focusing on the creation of urban public space. He has been actively involved in the exploration of urban residential environment and urban renewal. With his professional working attitude, additional value that can be shared with the public are attached to his design works. In the process of counter-urbanization, he is devoted to the rural rejuvenation practice. In his works, he break away from formulaic style, responds to contemporary culture and adapt appropriate design strategy under the existing system. He is trying to seek a delicate balance between responsibility and position, demands and experience, cost and quality, modernity and localization, sociality and professionalism.

gad·Line+ Studio

gad·Line+ Studio is an innovative design studio. In the idea of Line+, design is not isolated but more of an organic life entity which demonstrates multi-culture and personality. Line+ aims at breaking the boundary of traditional building industry. Footing on architecture design, we expect to achieve the boundaryless integration of urban planning, architecture design, interior design, product design, landscape design and project operation. By adapting diverse strategies, we look forward to share the value of design with our partners. Line+ participated in the shaping of city space as well as the rejuvenation of rural culture. In our design, we always thought critically and followed the regional cultural context. With our down-to earth working attitude, we hope to respond actively to contemporary culture and show its diverse content in our works. Line+ mainly works on urban public space, cultural tourism, high-end human settlement and rural rejuvenation projects. High quality and commercial logic are greatly valued in our works. As a design brand which attach great importance to research and practice, Line+ emphasis on the practice both in cities and in rural areas. It’s our goal to be the ferryman between culture and commerce.