Kęstutis Lekeckas Designer Profile
Kęstutis Lekeckas is the award-winning designer of the Re Created Sustainable Suite.
Kęstutis Lekeckas

Kęstutis Lekeckas is a designer whose works are not poping up, but all are supplemented with exceptional and delicate details. Creating original construction and making the most of material properties are very important for a designer, he is influenced by his education ans scientic work, he is a doctor of materials engineering and technology. The designer likes to surprise the consumer, striving for the original solutions of the garment to be discovered and noticed not immediately, but gradually, giving additional satisfaction and surprise to both the consumer and the observer. In his recent work, Kęstutis draws the most inspiration from Lithuanian heritage and ideas of a sustainable lifestyle, and seeks to contribute to sustainable development at the same time giving people joy.

Kęstutis Lekeckas
Re Created Sustainable Suite