NOERDEN Designer Profile
NOERDEN is the award-winning designer of the NOERDEN Smart Watch CITY Professional Hybrid Smart Watch.

Yunfan was born in Shanghai, in a modern Chinese family. Since she was a kid, everyone knew she had an artist soul. Passionate about travel and design, she first studied French in SISU with the objective to go to Europe and learn from the best in the world. She fall in love with French language and pursued her dream: she arrived in Paris in 2011 and enrolled in CREAPOLE to study product design. She got deeply influenced by what we call 'western style' in China, but most important, she finally understood the real meaning and the process of design. Until then, she was creating for eye beauty, there, she realized that not only a design needs to be qualitative and good looking, but it should also take into consideration users' needs and tastes in order to reach out to them and improve their experience. These 5 years alone in a foreign country far from her family weren't always easy. Often, she felt completely lost. She started to read tones of books to escape her loneliness. That's how she discovered who became her favorite writer: Murakami Haruki. One very simple sentence hit her like no other before "Don't feel lost, just start running'' he says in the book "What do I talk about when I run". That marked the beginning of a new life: she became addicted to sports. She started to feel better in her body, to be more confident, outgoing, she met new friends... Alone, abroad, step by step, she found a balanced life. At the end of her studies, she searched for a job that could match her two main interests: design and sports. That's how she first got into the smart devices industry and decided to go back to China, where the market is developing faster than anywhere else. Again, she chose to work for a company that fits her personality: at NOERDEN, she continues to enjoy french culture at work, while designing stylish smart products to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

NOERDEN Smart Watch CITY Professional Hybrid Smart Watch