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Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai

The design associates had standardized their rules and regulations in these years, which form the bc It is important to unify the criterion, it can make you feel tranquil and harmony, said Fang. Th black, white and particular cement as the elements of those projects, symbolize the individua associates. Instead of pursuing fashion, Fang pursues the feelings of peace and harmonious in the people describe their design as an artistic conception of Zen, prove that the team was fascinat loneliness and harmonious of Oriental aesthetics. The changes of timeline are unstoppable, and it d signs, makes another interpretation of beauty. Human can feel the time past through, the feeling people seek for consonance, which forms the "conceal design' Conceal design, an annotation the feeling of secure to the dweller with simple materials.

Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai
The South Stone With Olive Leaf Residential House
Tranquility Residential House-Interior