Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai Tranquility Residential House-Interior
Tranquility Residential House-Interior is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tranquility Residential House-Interior

The arrangement of public space, living room, dining room, kitchen, designs by borrowing space to make visual penetration, strengthening a sense of '' home-atmosphere '' flows. Open system architecture also allows the restaurant and kitchen not only become a place to provide three meals a day, but also be a leisure space with family gathering, in order to increase the relationship and meaning in '' home '' .

Tranquility Residential House-Interior
Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai Tranquility
Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai Residential House-Interior
Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai design
Lin,zhi-long & Su,nan-kai design
Well Gain Design

The visual penetration make the boundaries of space. Use the nature elements, such as sun, air, water, plant involving the daily life. Not only making the environment more comfortable, but also emphasizing the space with sunlight and shadow, which is between the architecture and nature.