Hans Maréchal Designer Profile
Hans Maréchal is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Hans Maréchal

Twenty years of M+R interior architecture While our volatile consumer society is mainly about buying stuff and keeping up with the latest trends, M+R interior architecture pleads for sustainable interiors that still have the wow factor after twenty years. Volatile designs that quickly get you tired are not for us. Durability M+R interior architecture creates interiors for public spaces such as theaters, airports, libraries and innovative work environments. Some of them date back to when M+R was just founded, twenty years ago. Quality and sustainability are returning themes in all our designs. We use high-quality, sustainable materials that we use in a circular manner. We want to prevent the customer from becoming restless and wanting to change after a few years. Volatility should never be the basis. The office projects we design should still feel like home after years. Important factors in this are atmosphere, climate, acoustics and ergonomics.

Hans Maréchal