Olina Francova and Jitka Arazimova Designer Profile
Olina Francova and Jitka Arazimova is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Olina Francova and Jitka Arazimova

The design studio Franco Arazzi was founded by two independent female designers, Olina Francova and Jitka Arazimova. Together, they created multifunctional leather handmade handbags under new brand Multibags, which can be worn in several different ways - as a bag, packpack, handbag, purse, letter-bags... Furthermore, the Franco Arazzi studio is not focused only on the field of fashion but also on the social nonprofit project, e.g. "ChemoHats" - design of ‘bare head’ hats for women after chemotherapy; or "Handibags" - designs created especially for individuals with various types of physical disabilities according to their needs. The studio Franco Arazzi is based at Prague, Czech Republic.

Olina Francova and Jitka Arazimova
Multibags Rebels Multifunctional baggage
Multibags 5in1 Multifunctional Baggage