JUYUN CHUNG Designer Profile
JUYUN CHUNG is the award-winning designer of the Bindship Binder clip.

Her first advantage is sense of responsibility. When she was in MASS C&G which is company made PyeongChang Olympic character, she did a book design about Ministry of culture. It was two weeks plan but at that time she only had 5 days till her internship end. But it was not really common chance to manage whole design as an intern, so she really wanted to finish up before she left the company. She was willing to work overtime and as an result, her design was able to upload an ministry culture website. And her second pros is creativity. Last month, she did network design for kids tv channel. At that time she was bidding with 3 senior designors, but a client finally selected her design. The reason why the client liked her design was that her idea was fresh and it could make kids laugh. As this kind of capability, hope she can contribute many things in design more and more.

Bindship Binder clip