Yahe Zhang Designer Profile
Yahe Zhang is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Yahe Zhang

Zhang Yahe, member of the Cultural Industry Entrepreneurship Creative Key Talent Pool of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. And went to the Central Cultural Management Cadre College three times to participate in the training, and won the certificate of completion of the National Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base. His personal information was included in the opening column of Artron Art Network and Zhang Xiong Art Network. Received an Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA Award, two Italian A DESIGN Award, three Korean K-DESIGN Award, and one ASIA DESIGN PRIZE International Design Award. "Bauhaus Award" International Design Competition Gold Award, Cross-Strait Professional Degree Graduate Design Exchange Exhibition (MFA Award) Gold Award, two Chinese Wood Furniture Design Yearbook Silver Award, Shanghai University Students Cultural Creative Works Exhibition Event won the second prize, Hong Kong Academy Award Silver Award, the third prize of the 9th China University Art Exhibition, Qing Rui Award • Bronze Award for the Cross-Strait Young Designers Design Competition. He has won numerous awards in the China University Student Design Competition and the China Furniture Association and the Guangdong Furniture Association. He has won nearly 40 professional competition awards so far; he has applied for five patents and published a foreign journal article. His works have been exhibited at the China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair and at the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo. The design works were published in furniture and interior magazines, design competitions and other media; graduation design works were collected by Shandong University of Art&Design. Worked at Haier Group and Vanke Group. Participate in the “Smart, Culture, and Sustainability” 2017 Shanghai Packaging Design and Culture Research International Forum, and participate in the preparation of the 2018 New Engineering International Design Education Forum. Undertake the design system management R & D studio and Zisha pottery studio space layout construction of the Shanghai Design Studies Class IV Summit.

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