Yahe Zhang Concise Desk
Concise Desk is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Concise Desk

Due to the complexity of things, people always put their entire desk is very messy, this desk is the biggest function is to use their own contain function, for people to sort out some office items, to make clean the desk.The desk comes with a cooling plate can be used when the computer more efficient cooling. Between the table and the bottom there is a mezzanine, you can pull, to facilitate people in the internal wiring or in the internal storage of some items. Placed on both sides of the table with an expansion board, you can place books, users can freely disassemble.

Concise Desk
Yahe Zhang Concise
Yahe Zhang Desk
Yahe Zhang design
Yahe Zhang design
Yahe Zhang

Yahe Zhang, graduate students in reading and majoring in the design of furniture; in the school period to obtain national scholarships, and repeatedly received first class scholarships, national inspirational scholarships; selected Chinese Ministry of culture creative talent pool, and in the Central Cultural Cadre Management Institute to participate in training ; In the China Furniture Association and the Guangdong Provincial Association of the design competition held many awards, so far has received more than 10 design competition awards.

Design Management Studio

By the teachers and graduate students of the studio, the main research in product design, the use of design management. System analysis, research design, and design management basic concepts and product innovation management basic principles. From the customer value, market strategy and core competencies, to establish the "design for the competitive advantage," the target design, and from the planning, organization, leadership and control management of basic functions. On the design aspects of the organic composition of the theoretical study and project design. Finally, from the perspective of design process, interface and design knowledge management content and methods of design management to sum up and summarize.