Moon Jung Chang Designer Profile
Moon Jung Chang is the award-winning designer of the Hybrid Beauty Womenswear Collection.
Moon Jung Chang

Moon Jung Chang earned her master of fine art degree at Fashion Institute of Technology of school of grad study (2017-2019), as a first cohort. When she graduated, she won the first prize from the department due to the excellent works.When she graduated, she won the first prize medal from the department due to the excellent works. She earned her BFA fashion design from Pratt Institute in New York (2016). When Moon entered Pratt, she received $96,000 scholarship, and awarded as Seemann-Burse Fund scholarship recipient because she placed in the President list annually, and she has graduated from Pratt with honors and received Pratt Circle Award. Moon’s aesthetic focus on the dichotomy between beauty and ugliness is an invaluable asset of her own visual vocabulary as a designer. The massive size and weight of black with cute elements such as a flowers, bows, and ruffles create the tensions of contrasts and emphasize the aesthetic of massive minimalism as well as the cuteness in ugly ways.

Moon Jung Chang
Hybrid Beauty Womenswear Collection