Seyed Roozbeh Ghaemmaghami Designer Profile
Seyed Roozbeh Ghaemmaghami is the award-winning designer of the Flexihouse residential complex.
Seyed Roozbeh Ghaemmaghami

Roozbeh Ghaemmaghami, born in Tehran in 1989, began his undergraduate studies in Architecture at Islamic Azad University of Qazvin in 2007, then continued on with his Master’s at University of Science and Research in Tehran,under supervision of prominent professors and well-established architects in Iran. While comleting his Maser,s degree, he began working for contractors, consulting firms and construction companies, gaining a great deal of experience in architectural design. In 2015, along with his other partners, he formed an architectural group which participated in various of design competitions and won a number of high rankings. In 2015, with the promotion of this group, he founded “On Architecture Office” with his partners. His ideas and approach to architecture are based on three main themes: First, designing for the people, wherein a plan is presented that is based on the needs of future inhabitants, and is integrated with the values of architecture, form, and space, and wich involves future residents in the design process, so they can directly contribute to improve their own quality of life. Second, the optimal use of materials, including the use of indigenous,recycled and recoverable materials (which can be seen in the Cube Club project), as well as variability and adaptability of materials. And finally, paying close attention to both the environment and the context required for each architectural project.

Seyed Roozbeh Ghaemmaghami
Flexihouse residential complex