Shen Junwei Designer Profile
Shen Junwei is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Shen Junwei

Since 2001,I had worked in the designing for department stores, shopping center for 15 years,during the period of the development of chinese department stores, malls in Shanghai, I had got the opportunity to participate in multiple large commercial projects as a designer, such as JIUGUANG shopping mall in Shanghai and Suzhou,Shanghai JOY City, Shandong INZONE etc, from which I accumulated rich experience. In 2008,I built up my own company ARIZON(SH) ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN CO.,LTD,with the mission "Design drives the future of your business " ,and insist on the international vision to develop design.I firmly believe that only a combination of advanced business thinking and professional interior design experience can create the perfect business project. Therefore, each time I contact a new business project,I stick with my business planning team in cooperation, create new shopping experience space, optimize design and improve service quality, and try to realize the business operation stylized space design, I insist on full participation in the design process, pay attention to every detail. In order to design a moving commercial project,I often carry out in-depth field research,tend to dig out every place different story and history culture,and then with its unique design language,combining with each business company’s unique brand temperament, In order to let consumers experience the unique temperament and amorous feelings of every space,I try to make the perfect combination of design form and shopping experience,consequently bring its commercial success, and the greater business value to the customer.

Shen Junwei
inzone shopping mall
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Kid'x World Shopping Center
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Arizon Office
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