Wei Jingye Designer Profile
Wei Jingye is an award-winning designer with 28 featured award-winning projects.
Wei Jingye

Wei Jingye is a multiple award-winning from Shenyang / China specialized in Industrial Design.

Wei Jingye
Transparent Chair
Wings Leisure Chair
Classic New Chinese Style
Acorn Leisure Chair Multipurpose
Screwdriver Holder Easy to use
Butterfly Chair
X mark Interspersed
Placid Chair
Alpha Chair Furniture
Qiyi Leisure Chair Novel and Comfortable Chair
Strings Leisure Chair
Manta Chair Bionic Design, Comfortable use
Black Steel Novelty and Comfortable
Ring Chair Novelty and Comfortable
Forging Office
Leisure Furniture Comfortable to use
Arc Furniture Series
Bamboo Leisure Chair Chair
Scallop Leisure Chair
WEI Chair Abstract shapes
Exquisite Wood Bookshelf
Sweet Candy Leisure Chair
Vertical Ock Furnitures Furniture Collection
Miya Electric Egg Mixer
Cow Horn New Chinese Style
Mountains Writing Desk
Qi Leisure Chair Comfortable To Use
Elegance Comfortable To Use