Zahra Ebadi,Maryam Zinati,yusef h.m zade Designer Profile
Zahra Ebadi,Maryam Zinati,yusef h.m zade is the award-winning designer of the Spoosh washer.
Zahra Ebadi,Maryam Zinati,yusef h.m zade

From an early age, I have found interest in Art. Art allows convert fantasy to reality world.After I had graduated from high school, I started study chemical engineering at university, and at same time I had chance to work at photo studio as an editor and logo designer.I further developed my drawing skill and became more interested about the material of product, how made, what is the function.I was drawn to learn about design and I feel art help me to use my science for solving a problem. I loved it and knew that Design is what I wanted to do.So after I graduated BE, I started master of industrial design in Iran university of science and technology, and practiced my skills in this major such as drawing, self-tuition of computer software

Spoosh washer