Olga Tsetniva Designer Profile
Olga Tsetniva is the award-winning designer of the "Transient curves" Wearable Art.
Olga Tsetniva

A broad array of courses run by the British School of Art and Design enabled Olga to familiarise herself with various types of aesthetic. This fusion of activities made her feel liberated for various undertakings. On the whole, Olga’s focus on fashion and fine arts inspires her to integrate these two domains. Olga is fascinated by possible discoveries of other planets and a prospective alliance between aliens and human. She is supporting each piece of garment by a made‐up story which endows attire with some degree of spirit. On the whole, Olga adhere to the path where she initiate multiple creative endeavours and eager to produce an intricate design which seemingly transform consciousness of the viewer.

"Transient curves" Wearable Art