Olga Tsetniva "Transient curves" Wearable Art
"Transient curves" Wearable Art is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
"Transient curves" Wearable Art

The concept is to conceive of an outfit as an imaginary combination of mechanical and electronic engineering with a sort of database and control tools that can transfer an individual to a different areas. Attention to detail is a major attribute of the collection. A mix of details is relaying a sort of geometric information that involves an individual in a game by extending frontiers of thoughts and movements. The collection embodies poetic assertion through the notion of geometrical infinity. Each outfit retains an independent spirit at the same time adjusting to the mood of its owner.

"Transient curves" Wearable Art
Olga Tsetniva "Transient curves"
Olga Tsetniva Wearable Art
Olga Tsetniva design
Olga Tsetniva design
Olga Tsetniva

A broad array of courses run by the British School of Art and Design enabled Olga to familiarise herself with various types of aesthetic. This fusion of activities made her feel liberated for various undertakings. On the whole, Olga’s focus on fashion and fine arts inspires her to integrate these two domains. Olga is fascinated by possible discoveries of other planets and a prospective alliance between aliens and human. She is supporting each piece of garment by a made‐up story which endows attire with some degree of spirit. On the whole, Olga adhere to the path where she initiate multiple creative endeavours and eager to produce an intricate design which seemingly transform consciousness of the viewer.


Currently, the primary goal of the brand Setka is to produce a garment in one sample. Each piece is unique and elaborate with geometrical elements or netting. The aim of the company is to produce wearable art rooted in the concept of integration of the human body and clothes into an art form based on abstract imitation of contemporary technological advances. Brand Setka represents limited collections which focus on to both the Russian and international markets. Garments are elaborately crafted and made of natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton. The ultimate goal is for design practice to become constructivist art practice and take a new direction inspired by today's technological development.