Anton Shlyonkin Designer Profile
Anton Shlyonkin is the award-winning designer of the 5 Principles Sweets and Candy.
Anton Shlyonkin

Anton Shlyonkin is a part of graphic design duo from Russia called «All my T». The other part is his wife, who is a graphic designer herself, Anna Goncharova. Then they created this company their focus was in typefaces and t-shirt design — both things starting with the «T», that's how this name came to be., however now they are working in many different field from packaging to enterior desgn. They both graduated from National Design Institute in Moscow, Anton in 2011 and Anna in 2013. Now they are lecturers their themself. They also take part in poster exhibitions, the last one was Dante Alighiery exhibition in Italy, Pratovecchio. Anton's favorite self-commissioned project is his «Type tarot» — a set of tarot card made intarely with custom lettering. His favorite client-commissioned work is branding and navigation system for sledge-bobsleigh complex «Sanky» in Sochi, which was part of the Olympics in 2014. Anna's favorite works are different packaging for famous Russian candy brand «Tasty help»

Anton Shlyonkin
5 Principles Sweets and Candy