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karla aliaga Mac Dermitt is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
karla aliaga Mac Dermitt

Karla Aliaga Mac-Dermitt, was born in Hamburg Germany on June 21, 1974. She studied Architecture in Santiago de Chile, where she resides more than 30 years ago. Lover of his family, especially of his daughters Viktoria and Matilda of 12 and 10 years of age, respectively. His works have been recognized in different publications of magazines and specialized books, some like: Housing Landscape Editorial Art Power 1000 x Landscape Architecture Editorial Braun Landscape Collection Editorial Braun New Residential Landscape Editorial Art Power Waterscape Editorial Braun, In 2006, he founded the Arqui-K limited company, a prestigious architectural office in Santiago, Chile, dedicated mainly to the realization and execution of exterior architecture and landscaping projects. In each one of the projects, the importance of the clarity of lines, harmony, spaces and light is emphasized. In general, their work has been recognized for considering the interests and motivations of their clients, but at the same time, they have been embodied in projects that emphasize beauty, functionality and its integration with the environment. What makes the works and projects of Karla Aliaga Mac - Dermitt interesting is that it has been able to connect the subjective interests of its clients with its realistic, elegant and functional style of its works. Its different projects, mainly those related to exterior works and landscaping, stand out for improving the quality of life of people seeking, for that purpose, a coherence between the interest of man and his natural environment.

karla aliaga Mac Dermitt
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