Zsófia Beliczay Designer Profile
Zsófia Beliczay is the award-winning designer of the Spongla jewellery.
Zsófia Beliczay

She received her BA in Ceramics. During that time she mastered the use of clay porcelain and cement - materials apps for constructing spatial forms. This is now the core element of her approach. She received her MA at the Budapest Metropolitan University majoring in textile design. Beyond traditional weaving and pattern design techniques she continued to work on three dimensional arts made also from alternative materials such as Plexiglas and plastic tubes. These distinct approaches accumulated in her sculpture-like works. She is frequently experimenting with other materials too. In most cases these allow variation in all directions of the space. She is currently making jewellery recycling old bed foam as secondary raw material.

Zsófia Beliczay
Spongla jewellery