Jenifer Blanco Monzón Designer Profile
Jenifer Blanco Monzón is the award-winning designer of the Be Like Lettering project .
Jenifer Blanco Monzón

Jenifer Blanco Monzón is a creative art director and set designer from Caracas, Venezuela. She is based in Montreal, Canada. Before arriving at Canada she lived for almost 7 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she has worked for 3 advertising agencies. Currently, she is at the creative social media department at Circus Mkt working for Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures and Spotify developing strategic and creative campaigns. On the other hand, she is hosting Jessica Walsh's Ladies, Wine & Design Buenos Aires. Also, she recently became co-founder of, which is a community for advertising women with the purpose of champion each other and achieve gender equality in the industry. She considers herself as an enthusiastic, tenacious, active and flexible person, who enjoys to work with people and bend the rules a little. She is also a believer in doing what you love to make it right and always having side projects to make your creativity fly. Two of hers are a mural art project called "Roraima" and her creative Blog (Tumblr: I wanna work with Swiss Miss). Jenifer has been published in several typography and design sites and loves to collaborate with other creatives and artists. That is why she is always looking for ways to express her inner creative self!

Be Like Lettering project