Lia Versteege Designer Profile
Lia Versteege is the award-winning designer of the Multicultural Temple Symbol of freedom.
Lia Versteege

As a human being each of us has the ability to be a social person. A person who can contribute to happiness and a deeper understanding in live. Especially art and design can have a huge part in it. During my time as an artist in my own residence at sculpturegarden 't Ulenest I had a great time when working with artists who had to leave their native country. After choosing a theme we made sculptures from materials we got from companies nearby. There was music from Moldaviƫ, Iraq, Congo, Armeniƫ etc. After about 14 days of hard work, we made an exhibition in the garden and after a great vernisage our refugee artists felt like human beings again.

Lia Versteege
Multicultural Temple  Symbol of freedom