Hari Nallan Designer Profile
Hari Nallan is the award-winning designer of the Abt Healthcare toolkit.
Hari Nallan

Since 2004, Think Design's methods powered mission critical initiatives of few of the most renown companies and brands; creating impact across industry verticals and millions of users. With its presence across five studios in India and USA run by more than a hundred design minds, Think Design envisions being one of the most widely networked design consultancies in this world. Think Design's work is in the space where customers interact with businesses: For consuming information, carrying out daily tasks, making key decisions or buying things. Think Design has powered global fortune companies and disruptive startups alike, in the domains of Banking and Financial services, Non profit and social impact organisations, New & Media companies, Defence systems, Education, Telecom and Healthcare to mention a few. Think Design's breadth is its biggest strength.

Abt Healthcare toolkit