Stefan Canuel Designer Profile
Stefan Canuel is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Stefan Canuel

Ottawa-based designer with more than twenty years of experience in the design and creative industry, including exhibition design and print. He blends innovation with practicality and an unswerving focus on results. Stefan’s experience is in the visual arts and many aspects of design. He excels at all elements of the creative process and has a multifaceted approach to design. As a professional, he works every day to forge profound links between organizations and their audiences through clear, creative, effective and well-managed designs and strategies. His work has been recognized both nationally and internationally by The Advertising of Design Club of Canada, AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers, Alcuin Society, Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Graphis and The Society of Typographic Arts, among others.

Stefan Canuel
Chris Cran Book Exhibition Catalogue
Impressionist Treasures Experiential Installation
Chris Cran, Book & Cover Design Exhibition Catalogue
Azrieli Fellows Commemoration Book
Our Stories. Interactive Learning Centre Exhibition
A way out of the mirror Artist Book
Impressionist Treasures Promotional Hoarding